Rare protests against China’s ‘zero covid’ policy erupt across country

Demonstrations were sparked by accusations that pandemic restrictions had hampered rescuers trying to reach a deadly fire in Xinjiang.

By Lily KuoNovember 27, 2022

Kim Jong Un’s daughter emerges from secrecy for second time in days

New photos released by North Korean state media show the leader with his young daughter at a missile launch event, fueling speculation over his succession plans.

By Leo SandsNovember 27, 2022

I drove the Outback Way: 1,700 miles of red dirt and epic encounters

A Washington Post photojournalist looks back on his two weeks traversing Australia's often grueling, constantly surprising Outback Way.

By Michael Robinson ChavezNovember 27, 2022

Pakistan’s Imran Khan pulls his party out of legislatures, vows to press peacefully for new elections

The rally in Rawalpindi city, 14 miles from the capital, was the culmination of Khan’s “long march” for “real freedom.”

By Pamela ConstableNovember 26, 2022

Deadly Xinjiang fire stokes discontent over China’s covid restrictions

Videos show firetrucks parked at a distance from the blaze in Urumqi, leading to questions about whether China's coronavirus restrictions worsened the tragedy.

By Christian Shepherd and Lily KuoNovember 26, 2022

China sentences Canadian pop star Kris Wu to prison for rape

Kris Wu, who had been at the center of one of China's major #MeToo cases, was sentenced to 13 years imprisonment on charges including rape.

By Joyce Lau and Claire HealyNovember 26, 2022

South Korea clings to North’s denuclearization, despite dwindling chances

There's little optimism that negotiations over the issue will resume — and much concern that North Korea may soon carry out its first nuclear test since 2017.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Min Joo KimNovember 26, 2022

With record covid cases, China scrambles to plug an immunity gap

The country's intensifying efforts to boost vaccination rates and expand hospital capacity stop short of approving foreign vaccines.

By Christian Shepherd and Vic ChiangNovember 25, 2022

Outspoken Hong Kong cardinal found guilty for work with humanitarian fund

The cleric and others had been charged with failing to properly register the fund, which supported pro-democracy protesters in 2019.

By Theodora YuNovember 25, 2022

Older Japanese men, lost in the kitchen, turn to housework school

Retired, widowed or divorced, the men's lament is the same: They know little about cooking or basic housekeeping. In an aging country, that's a problem.

By Marina Lopes and Julia InumaNovember 25, 2022

Anti-graft reformer Anwar Ibrahim appointed Malaysia’s prime minister

Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim, formerly imprisoned on charges he calls bogus, has to unite a divided Malaysia and manage the rise of conservative Islamic forces.

By Rebecca Tan, Emily Ding and Katerina AngNovember 24, 2022

Indonesians dig for bodies and survivors buried in landslides from quake

Days after the devastating earthquake, rescuers are pushing out of the towns into the rugged mountain settlements that were hit hard by mudslides.

By Aisyah Llewellyn and Rebecca TanNovember 23, 2022

How China, the world’s top polluter, avoids paying for climate damage

Analysts say it is unlikely China will pay into the historic climate fund agreed to at the U.N. climate conference to support vulnerable countries.

By Maxine Joselow, Michael Birnbaum and Lily KuoNovember 23, 2022

Indonesia quake toll soars above 250 amid frantic search for survivors

The quake caused severe damage in Cianjur, West Java, and was one of Indonesia's deadliest natural disasters in years.

By Aisyah Llewellyn and Rebecca TanNovember 22, 2022

Giving ‘Mother Nature a little bit of a boost’ on the Great Barrier Reef

Underwater gardens, where coral fragments are grown, are among the efforts to help save reefs from climate change.

By Frances Vinall and Michael Robinson ChavezNovember 22, 2022

More than 160 killed in Indonesian earthquake in West Java, officials say

The quake struck in West Java province in the area of Cianjur, which may be difficult to reach after damage to roads.

By Aisyah LlewellynNovember 21, 2022

North Korea’s leader showed off his daughter. What could it mean?

The first-time appearance of Kim Jong Un's daughter was an intriguing and protocol-breaking move by her father, experts say.

By Michelle Ye Hee LeeNovember 21, 2022

Chinese panda, gifted to Taiwan as a symbol of friendship, dies

Tuan Tuan, 18, had lived in the Taipei Zoo since 2008. Relations between China and the island soured significantly in the 14 years since the diplomatic gift.

By Vic Chiang and Leo SandsNovember 20, 2022

For rivals Japan and China, the new space race is about removing junk

In a universe full of litter, Japan aims to become the first country to develop the technology and rules for space debris mitigation.

By Michelle Ye Hee Lee and Lily KuoNovember 20, 2022

Amid political turmoil, Pakistan holds its breath for new army chief

The deadline for installing a new army chief is ten days away and an escalating political standoff has polarized the country and threatened to erupt in violence.

By Pamela ConstableNovember 20, 2022